O malarzu
PIOTR KLEMENS BORZĘCKI born in Poland in 1971 (Stryków near Lodz). Painter preferring oil techniques. He completed the Plastic Art High School in Nowy Wiśnicz, specializing in ceramics. He continues living in Stryków. Besides painting, he spends his free time cycling and adoring women. He likes all animals, and especially dogs. He paints his pictures out of a heartfelt need, devoting a lot of time to each one. He paints what surrounds him, thus documenting the reality of his life, building a painter’s sketch of emotional impressions. The paintings are a reflection on the peculiarity of people meeting under ordinary, everyday circumstances, on a need of contact with another human being and the story of people living in provincial Poland.

He uses a wide variety of techniques for making a decorative impact. With his own stencils, stamps and hand paint he can add an individual touch to your interiors.

Recently Piotr has created an extraordinary atmosphere by covering the walls and ceilings with amazing graffic paintings in boat, which was designed and built by William Fairbank www.williamfairbank.com. The inspiration for these paintings are a combination of his own ideas with designs from Russian folk-law. The Appotharies Barque is a recreation of a similar boat used in Siberia in 1919. The boat will be used on the Black & White silent film Georgic Hayes that is being made at the Whitegate Film Studios, Bridgham, Norfolk, UK.

Galeria Piotra Borzęckiego
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